GPWA Bot - Group Pursuit Bot (Team Escape)

-AntiCheat Bypass.
-AutoFinish [Thanks To GMZ]
-Removing All The Players Around You [Thanks to GMZ]

What You Will Need:
-Sandboxie [DownLoad From Here.]
-Two NFSW Accounts.
-GPWA Bot.

How To Use: translate by noseliteteam
1.Start The Game Lanucher With Sandboxie.(Right click on NFSW/Run Sandboxed/Login)
2.Start The Game Launcher Again.[Original]
3.On Both Launchers Click "Play" At The Same Time.
4.Change The Resolution And Graphic Setting On Both Of The Launcher To 800x600/Low, And Set Windowed On.
5.Close Chat & News.
6.Invite Your Second Account To A Group Using Your First Account.
7.Put The Game Windowses As Same As The Image Below (not necessarily):
8.On First Account (With Title "NEED FOR SPEED™ WORLD") Open Map, Click Join On High Stakes, And Move OverView Up and Right to Corner.
9.Now Run GPWA Bot And Click On Start.