T.E.P.W.F v3.0 (14.12.12)

  1. Set Game to 800x600 Windowed
  2. Invite a Friend to Group
  3. Enable AutoFinish & Ghost
  4. Teleport to a TE [High-Stakes, Underground etc.]
  5. Start Bot!
Note; 1 of your friends have to be the Hoster. Others will just start the bot 

Update Log;

Version 3.0
  • Added custom "icon"
  • Added re-size function [Re-Sizes NFS World to 800x600]
  • Changed "Invite" to "Hoster" for better explanation

Version 2.0
  • Added support for "Race Again"
  • Fixed GUI

Version 1.0
  • Release

Virus Scans;
[Scans are false positive. If you don't believe me then don't use it.]