NFS World iBot Drag Edition (14.06.13)

-Supports single or multiple instances.
-Normal and Sandbox.
-Completely automatic.
-Does not cause any crash.
-Does not make mistakes.
-Works in background (watch videos, surf web while botting)

How to use:
-Run one or more NFS World accounts.
-Run one or more bots. (No need to sandbox the bots)
-Select the process in each bot.
-Invite all to one group.
-Join a drag race and make sure all are in lobby.
-Press 'Begin' on the bots.

*Game must be 800x600 resolution.

Virus Scan:

*0/47 results.*This is a .NET application. If you want to decompile it, you may do so. But please don't consider yourself as an expert "Cracker" if you did.

Credits: trojan.win128