NFS World Offline Server v1.8

NFS: World Offline


They, even me, said it was impossible. Well, it turns out that it's possible and it can be done. Please welcome the first public offline server for NFS: World.

It's a pretty straight-forward tool but since it's in beta it requires many dependencies. These include: Java, Python2, Mitmproxy, Windows. We try our best to bring you the best experience but remember that it will take time. Also, tool is open-source and even has the source within the archive, so no viruses or anything like that.

How to use
Read the "readme.html" in the archive. It tells you everything you need to know. Make sure you do not change the path of the python installer. It has to be in C:\Python27.

I download personas that are requested from me on my free time. I no longer do this. The ones I d/led were uploaded to
Exchange them from ServerEditor.exe using the "Import".

Can't do Team Escapes(no SP data on server)
Can't do some drags SP(no SP data on server)
Can do pursuits but can't finish them. Doing so will crash the game. The reason for that is this magnificent piece of junk called Java.
Can't process anything related to basket data, for now. Reason being we didn't code it yet.
Can change cars but going to safehouse again after changing cars will reset the car back to the default one.
Races give no rewards.(You have unlimited IGC & Boost anyways)
Can do TH but no rewards will be given when finished.
Can't sell cars.

Google Drive Folder with Everything you need:

1. Servers [berkay and nilzao] [last version Beta v 1.6]
2. Vinyls
3. Bodykits
4. Hoods
5. Skills [Special skill included]
6. Unlocked all tracks
7. Lighter traffic and cops
8. Cops in free roam
9. Special Cars
10. Starter Pack
11. Tools [java, python, exceed etc]
12. Special Pursuit Track lists
13. Backed up personas [those which was given by berkay]
14. Tutorial [written and video]
15. NFSW Full Game

NFS World Offline Installer v1.1 (Credit

Server files: